MPB Technologies & Concordia University win Technology Partnership Award from ADRIQ

November 27, 2009 - Montreal - Quebec - On Thursday, November 26, 2009, MPB Technologies Inc. and Concordia University were presented the Technology Partnership Award at the 19th annual ADRIQ Gala in Montreal, Quebec.

ADRIQ Award Table

Sitting from left: Dr. Catherine Mulligan (Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies), Dr. Bob Fews (Aerospace Advisor, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science), Ms. Shelley Sitahal (Associate Director, Research Partnerships & Innovation), Mr. Jonathan Farber (Technology Transfer Officer, Office of Research)

Standing from left: Dr. Robin Drew (Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science), Dr. Emile Haddad (MPB Communications Inc.), Dr. Van Suong Hoa (Professor, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering; Director, CONCOM), Dr. Carole Brabant (Director, Research & Innovation; Acting Director, Office of Research), Dr. Wes Jamroz (MPB Communications Inc.)

Since 2003, MPB Technologies and Concordia University have collaborated in developing smart materials and fiber optic sensors that can potently lengthen the life time of structures. Both technologies are of high interest to the European and Canadian Space Agency.

Innovative projects developing through the collaboration include a self-healing resin, that has been proven to fill randomly created cracks during accelerated aging and thermal shock tests.

Another project, sponsored by CSA,  involves embedding very thin fiber sensors into a composite material in order to effectively monitor the temperature and strain evolution a structure, particularly at times of launch where mechanical shocks and vibrations are so high. “This project would never have been realized without the help of Concordia and Professor Hoa, who opened his lab to us, helping with the prototypes”, said Dr. Emile Haddad, Program Manager of Smart Materials and Sensors for Space Applications department at MPB. “Every collaboration with the University has been mutually beneficial, and we look forward to the next.”

The next is not far off - on November 2, 2009, it was announced that CSA will help fund a new project - Pioneering of Self-healing of Damage in Composites Caused by Space Debris  -  where MPB, Concordia and McGill University will work together to develop innovative self-healing concepts mitigating the effects of debris impacts.

About  ADRIQ

ADRIQ (the Association de recherche industrielle du Québec) is a large and influential business network which has been supporting industrial innovation and promoting partnerships in Quebec for over 30 years.

About MPB Technologies Inc.

MPB Technologies Inc. was founded in 1977, and develops high technology materials, products and systems in the fields of telecommunications, robotics, space and photonics.