ETC Performs T-PEDS Certification Test for the PM’S CC150 Polaris Jet

July, 2013 - Ottawa:  The Electronics Test Centre recently reached new heights with its completion of T-PEDS testing on the CC150 (A310) POLARIS jet used by the Prime Minister’s office.

T-PEDS (Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices) testing is performed to ensure that electronic devices such as cellular phones, tablets and laptop computers do not adversely affect onboard electronic systems critical for safe operation.  Such test results are used for certification of the aircraft by Transport Canada.

The Electronics Test Centre’s  Aero Test Group has performed testing on over 30 wide and narrow body commercial transport aircraft for a variety of air carriers and manufactures, including, in 2010, testing on Air Canada and JAZZ  airplanes which cleared the way for use of cell phones during the taxi-in to gate phases of flights.

Prime Minister's Airbus

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s CC-150 Polaris (Airbus A-310) used by the Prime Minister. (Photo: MCpl Roy MacLellan, 8 Wing Trenton,

While ETC’s  Aero Test Group is developing a reputation for its passion and expertise on the runway, back in the laboratory, the Electronics Test Centre applies its expertise in High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) testing and Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility testing of airframe sections and aircraft subsystems.

ETC’s involvement with T-PEDS testing of the PM’s jet began when it was contacted by the CC150 (A310) POLARIS Designated Airworthiness Representatives to provide technical support with the T-PEDS tests. There was no hesitation in ETC’s response. “It is a bit of a high,” says Dan Zanette, Technical Director of the Electronics Test Centre, Kanata.  The technologies in the aero industries are constantly evolving, and we have to respond by continually developing our test capabilities.  For the Prime Minister’s jet, we needed a significant amount of test equipment which created its own set of challenges from security to providing electrical power to our systems.   With the great support from all the personnel involved the project was completed smoothly, efficiently and on time.”

Since the late 1980s, ETC has performed EMI/EMC qualification and development testing on equipment ranging from the smallest black box to air craft fuselage components in our laboratories and to off-site full-scale aircraft, nuclear reactors and ships as part of the Aerospace, Defence, Commercial, and Automotive, markets served.

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Laboratories are located in Kanata, Ontario and Airdrie, Alberta.